Sign-on to a New Declaration: Join nearly 200 former members of Congress in declaring that it is time for elected leaders to put country above party.

All Members of the U.S. House and Senate

The American Revolution gave birth to a bold experiment in self-governance that has made the United States a beacon of hope for countless people who yearn to achieve the freedoms, rights and opportunities enshrined in our Constitution.

Yet now, our system of government is failing to live up to the promise of America set forth by the Founders. Powerful factions manipulate the legislative process for their own narrow advantage. Our elected officials devote a disproportionate amount time to political fundraising, marginalizing the voices of regular citizens. Outside groups spend hundreds of millions of dollars vilifying and denigrating members of the opposite party. Too often, undue influence and partisan politics—rather than merit—dominate policymaking.

We the people have no choice but to urgently confront the defenders of the status quo in Washington.

We must:

  • Champion a new wave of leaders who bridge divides and place country above party;
  • Demand that Congress remake the relationship between money and influence, incentivizing the participation of everyday citizens and small-dollar donors in our political process;
  • Insist on an honest and transparent political process that defends against foreign interference and allows citizens to hold their elected officials accountable to the highest ethical standards.
  • In a functioning democracy, power resides with the people. So, too, does a duty to repair and strengthen our system rest with each generation, and with every citizen.
Please join nearly 200 former members of Congress who have already signed the Declaration!

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To: All Members of the U.S. House and Senate
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With this Declaration, and our signatures, we pledge our honor and our urgent action to work together to renew the Founders’ promise — and restore a republic anchored in civility, wisdom and the “consent of the governed.” Through our common efforts, America will re-emerge as a beacon of hope for those in our own land, and those throughout the world who aspire to the liberty and dignity that only self-government can ensure.