SIGN & SHARE: Tell these 23 Republican representatives that the American people want to see Donald Trump's tax returns

23 House Republicans on the Ways & Means Committee

Seventy-four percent of Americans, Democrat and Republican, want to see Donald Trump's often promised tax returns.

Hundreds of thousands have signed petitions on and not been answered asking for the release of our unpopular president's returns. With no response from this Republican administration, Rep. Bill Pascrell (NJ-09) said he intended to use a 1924 tax law that allowed members of the House Ways and Means Committee to privately examine tax returns to determine if there are conflicts of interest or constitutional violations.

Rep. Pascrell introduced the amendment, but 23 Republicans voted to keep those taxes hidden, thwarting the attempt at transparency.

The American people want to know. We demand an answer from these Republicans.

To see the list of Republicans and their phone numbers please go here.

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To: 23 House Republicans on the Ways & Means Committee
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We need to see Donald Trump's tax returns, to make sure there are no conflicts-of-interest or constitutional violations. I am outraged that you voted to block even members of Congress from PRIVATELY viewing his tax returns.