Sign the Chairman's Birthday Card!

MS Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Moak


It's a very special day today!

It's Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Moak's birthday!

We're so lucky to have Bobby fighting for Democrats in Mississippi, both in the state and outside of it, and we want to let him know that Mississippi Democrats are thinking of him on his special day.

Will you sign our card for him? Add your name now.

Chairman Moak has been hard at work fighting for the party! He's traveled to numerous venues and events fighting and securing additional support for Mississippi Democrats. He's fought to secure access for our candidates. And he has continued to fight to increase the Mississippi Democratic Party's presence, and capabilities - modernizing our party's approach.

In all these fights, and so many more, knowing that supporters like you are by his side makes it easier to keep going. That's why a birthday message from you would mean so much.

Add your name now; wish Chairman Moak happy birthday. Naturally, the Chairman would be delighted if you could donate $7 or $13 to aide in the fight against fear and hate.



-Mississippi Democrats

To: MS Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Moak
From: [Your Name]


Thank you for all of your efforts! From before your time in the state legislature to now. We truly are fortunate to have you fighting for us, and helping to bring the party into the 21st Century!

I hope you had a great day today!