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Independent Democratic Conference

Thirty-two New York state senators were elected as Democrats, compared to 31 Republicans. You'd think that means Democrats have control of the state Senate—but they don't.

Eight Democratic turncoats have split off from the Democratic caucus to form the Independent Democratic Conference. (A ninth has split the party but not joined the IDC.) Together, these nine "Democrats" cut a deal with Republicans to give the GOP a state Senate majority in exchange for money and power.

Simply put: These turncoats are the only reason Republicans control the New York Senate, and are responsible for blocking a slew of progressive legislation from coming into law.

Daily Kos is joining a grassroots coalition coming together across New York to create real Democratic Senate majority.

The bigger out movement, harder it will be for Democrats in New York to allow the IDC to stand.

Already, powerful Democratic leaders and organizations—the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi, Kirsten Gillibrand, and all 18 Democratic members of New York's congressional delegation—have called for an end to the IDC's obstructionism. And now, grassroots protests against the IDC are rising up across the state.

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The IDC is a sham, its members running Democratic primaries just to empower Republicans once in office.

We will only support candidates in Democratic primaries for the New York State Senate who have rejected the IDC and have pledged to caucus with the mainline Senate Democratic Conference. Anyone who runs as a Democrat must be a Democrat!