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Donald Trump is in the Oval Office—despite having openly bragged about sexual assault on tape, and has at least 22 accusers who have gone on record against him.

Most recently, noted columnist E. Jean Carroll described being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in a department store dressing room in the 1990s. This is horrific, dehumanizing, and completely and utterly illegal!

Trump’s history of sexual violence, blatant disrespect for survivors, and refusal to be held accountable for his actions has broad effects that will last generations.

He has bragged about sexual assault on tape, repeatedly made light of rape, and nominated a sexual abuser to the Supreme Court, a man who may make decisions about bodily autonomy, survivors’ rights, and abortion access for decades to come.

Congress must intervene. If they do not, Trump will not only remain uninvestigated and unaccountable—he will continue to prop up other violent men who will inflict even more damage on survivors.

A vast majority of Americans are disgusted by Trump's actions and appalled that he has faced no inquiry or consequences for his misdeeds.

It's time to start calling for inquiries into Trump's sexual misconduct. The American people deserve a full investigation into his transgressions and demand it.

Sign the petition: Investigate sexual assault allegations against Trump

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No President is above the law. Donald Trump faces serious allegations of sexual assault, and has even bragged about sexual assault on tape. He must be investigated.