Sign the petition: Congress must stop HHS from awarding Title X funds to Obria and other anti-birth control, anti-abortion fake clinics


We've all been horrified to learn that because of Trump's "gag rule" Planned Parenthood and other clinics will no longer have access to Title X Funds. Even scarier? Who's receiving those funds. Meet Obria.

Since 2014, the Obria Group, a California faith-based nonprofit affiliated with Obria Medical Clinics, has been masquerading as a healthcare group, and now has begun expanding its network of fake, anti-abortion centers to become a national chain. These Obria “health centers”—like thousands similar to them across the country—are created to confuse and manipulate pregnant people with the goal of preventing them from learning about or accessing abortion services. Not only do their “clinics” give false info about abortion, but they also refuse to provide evidence-based contraceptive choices to their patients, including oral contraceptives, IUDs, or condoms— the very tools that help prevent unplanned pregnancy and abortion!  

Who’s funding Obria? You are!

Title X is a crucial government program that, since 1970, has helped 4 million low-income Americans access hormonal birth control, family planning services, and reproductive health care. This year, the Trump administration made extreme changes to the program which allows Obria to qualify for federal “family planning” funding. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded $1.7 million to Obria in Title X funding and an additional $1.7 million for each of the grant’s subsequent two years.

How can a “women’s health center” that opposes basic contraceptive methods provide comprehensive family planning services?

It can’t. This means that HHS is now denying funds to legitimate health care providers like Planned Parenthood because they provide abortions or abortion referrals, and redirecting that money to Obria. These anti-abortion centers, run by groups like Obria, aim to replace Planned Parenthood clinics and leave millions of LGBTQ folks, people of color, low-income, and rural Americans without access to reproductive health care.  

As of April 2019, Obria Group’s website boasts 35 Obria “affiliate clinics,” 22 Obria “clinics” “in process” and at least seven Obria “clinic inquiries” across the United States. They plan to expand to more than 1,000 sites by 2021. This is a dangerous shift away from comprehensive sexual healthcare, including birth control, to... the rhythm method. And it will have a devastating impact disproportionately on poor women and folks of color.

Anti-birth control, anti-abortion women’s health centers should NEVER receive Title X funding. No federal funding should go to groups that withhold information, lie, and promote completely bogus services like “abortion reversal".

Sign the petition to demand Congress stop HHS from awarding family planning funds to Obria and other anti-abortion, anti-birth control centers.

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Stop HHS from awarding family planning funds to Obria and other anti-abortion, anti-birth control centers. Fake women’s health centers should never receive federal funding, nor should groups that withhold information, lie, and promote completely bogus services like “abortion reversal." Our health is on the line, and this cannot continue.