Sign the petition: Demand Congress add checks and balances to our nuclear system and enact No First Use!


As if the last four years were not proof enough, the final days of the Trump administration have been marked by a coup attempt, incited by the President. Despite assurances from General Mark Milley to Nancy Pelosi, there are no safeguards in place to stop a president from issuing a nuclear launch command — even when he is, according to close aides, ‘out of his mind.’  

The nuclear launch codes are literally in Donald Trump’s pocket, and as President he has the full legal authority to order a nuclear strike at any time. No one can legally refuse his order. Every minute Trump maintains his authority as Commander-in-Chief is another moment of peril for the United States and the world. Congress must act urgently to add checks and balances to our nuclear weapons system by enacting a policy of No First Use.

No one should have the power to start a nuclear war. Trump has exposed the dangers of sole authority, but the problem won’t end with Trump out of office. Sign now to demand Congress move forward with enacting a policy of No First Use, to take away Trump’s ability to fire a nuclear first strike.

Sign the petition: Demand Congress add checks and balances to our nuclear system and enact No First Use!

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Beyond the Bomb
Daily Kos
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility
Global Zero
Mainers for Accountable Leadership
Massachusetts Peace Action
PEAC Institute
Peace Action Maine
Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter
Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin
Ploughshares Fund
Washington Physicians For Social Responsibility

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Women's Action for New Directions

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I’m writing today to highlight our urgent need for a No First Use policy. When the President of the United States incited violence from his supporters, thousands took to social media and news outlets to warn that he still has the nuclear codes, and could use them at any time until he is removed from office. It is clear: no one should have that kind of power. So many of us are stepping up to demand Trump be removed from office, an important stopgap. But, we can never allow ourselves to be in this position again.

No First Use would ensure the U.S. would never launch a nuclear weapon as a first strike and start a cataclysmic chain reaction. No single person should have the right to start a nuclear war, and a policy like No First Use puts much-needed checks and balances back on our nuclear system.

This is the terrible power held by every American President – and millions of lives hang in the balance. This week’s alarming events in Washington should make it clear that existing U.S. nuclear policy exposes us all to an intolerable level of risk.