Sign the petition: Demand Congress overturn Citizens United and end unlimited amounts of political spending that influence our elections


In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to restrict PACs from using independent expenditures to overtly advocate for or against a candidate through Election Day. This case, Citizens United v. FEC, paved the way for the rise of Super PACs. These entities can raise and spend unlimited sums of money advocating for or against a candidate as long as they do not coordinate with that candidate’s campaign.

Citizens United opened the floodgates for special interest groups to spend virtually unlimited, undisclosed amounts of money in American elections. And those groups have responded by pouring tens of millions of dollars into campaigns to influence voters around the country.

Interest groups are increasingly calling the shots, boosting candidates friendly to their agenda and spending enough to challenge the party’s consensus in congressional primaries if they so choose.

Citizens United provides more power to wealthy corporations than regular American voters. We must have common sense rules for the raising and spending of money on elections to advance political equality for all Americans.

Earlier this year, a constitutional amendment that aims to reverse the damage done to American democracy by Citizens United and related cases was introduced in House and Senate resolutions (H.J. Res. 2 and S.J. Res 51). Democracy For All will limit the influence of wealthy special interests in elections and establish that corporations do not have the same rights as human beings.

Sign the petition: Demand Congress support the bipartisan Democracy For All constitutional amendment that would return democracy to the people.

Participating Organizations:
Blue Future
California Clean Money Action Fund
Climate Hawks Vote
Daily Kos
End Citizens United
Fight for Reform
Food & Water Action
Franciscan Action Network
Free Speech For People
League of Conservation Voters
Let America Vote
People for the American Way
Progress America
Seeding Sovereignty
Social Security Works
Union of Concerned Scientists

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The cornerstone of democracy is the voice of the voter and the ability of all voters to have an equal say in the political process. We demand you overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics. It is time to support voting rights for all Americans and preserve constitutional rights for people, not corporations.