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Manufacturers of toxic non-stick chemicals are in hot water in the face of heightened lawmaker scrutiny of their products, which are found in a range of household items including cooking spray and Teflon pans.

These toxic fluorinated chemicals, also called PFAS, have been linked to cancer and harm to the reproductive and immune systems. PFAS contamination has been found in more than 700 communities, and more than 100 million Americans may have PFAS in their drinking water.

But the real kicker? Companies that produce these household items have known about these health risks for decades and have brushed reports under the rug in order to avoid regulation. The companies behind PFAS, including DuPont and 3M, knew as early as the 1960s that these chemicals were toxic to humans. DuPont even tested the blood of employees for PFAS, while 3M circulated an internal memo in 1978 underscoring the toxicity of its products.

These companies knowingly neglected to tell people what was in their household products and, worse yet, suppressed the scientific evidence that these chemicals were hazardous!

Democrats have announced they plan to pursue corporate accountability. A hearing has been scheduled that will focus on what companies knew about PFAS risks and to what extent they hid that information.

3M will testify at that hearing and plans to share their “perspective and research” with lawmakers. DuPont and other manufacturers have also been invited, but it is not clear yet whether they will attend.

We demand Congress hold these companies responsible. Our health is not something to be brushed under the rug. We refuse to jeopardize ourselves for the sake of business interests.

Sign the petition: Congress must regulate PFAS and hold these companies responsible.

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We demand you regulate PFAS - chemicals that have been shown to impact reproductive and immune systems and even cause cancer. You are meant to protect us! We will not accept putting our lives at risk in the interest of business.