Sign the petition: Demand state & local officials make public transit affordable & accessible

U.S. state and local officials

In honor of Rosa Parks’ birthday and her struggle for just and equitable transportation for all, February 4 is Transit Equity Day. Public transportation connects people to jobs, school, health care, and other daily necessities.

Millions of people in the U.S. depend primarily on metro and bus routes to travel throughout their communities, with over 20% increase in public transit ridership since 1997. But transit riders are suffering from service cuts and delays, fare hikes, and increasing policing of our public transit systems. Communities across the country are rising up to demand that state and local lawmakers prioritize and invest in public transit infrastructure and operation to ensure reliable, safe, accessible and affordable service.

Transportation is the largest source of US carbon emissions that cause climate change. Diesel tailpipe pollution also contributes to respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease, and even premature death. Communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately exposed to these harmful emissions. Electric buses have zero tailpipe emissions, and are cheaper for transit agencies to fuel and maintain. Riding a bus, train, trolley or light rail rather than a car helps reduce pollution. Buses emit 80% less carbon dioxide than a car and rail transit emits almost none.

Transit workers must also feel safe and healthy at work. With 40% of transit operators reporting being assaulted on the job and with ridership increases, advocates across the country are pushing for a Green New Deal that provides communities with well-paying, green, unionized transit jobs.

Fortunately, progress is being made in some cities and in Congress. Some cities are offering reduced fares for low-income residents and progressive member of Congress Ayanna Pressley recently introduced legislation to address necessary infrastructure updates and reduce the cost of transit. Cities and transit agencies from LA to DC have committed to converting to 100% electric transit buses. We need more local and state elected officials to follow their lead.

Sign the petition: Call on your state and local representatives to make transit affordable, reliable, clean, and accessible.

Participating Organizations:
Amalgamated Transit Union
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
Daily Kos
Friends of the Earth Action
Labor Network for Sustainability
Pittsburghers for Public Transit

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February 4 is Transit Equity Day. In honor of Rosa Parks and for the sake of a healthy, livable future for all, I am calling on you to make public transit affordable, clean and accessible by reducing rider fares, expanding access, transitioning to zero emission buses, supporting all transit workers, and making necessary infrastructure updates.