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Department of Justice

Families are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Families across the nation who have lost loved ones to police brutality are still fighting for justice! Law enforcement must be held accountable for the unjust senseless murder of unarmned Black, brown, and Indigenous bodies!

The recent verdict in the Chauvin trial does not change what we know to be true: a racist, unjust system will never deliver justice for our people. And it never kept us safe. George Floyd should be here. We mourn as his family mourns, and support their efforts to find solace and accountability with this verdict. Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, and so many others who have lost their lives demand a new approach to keeping our bodies and communities safe.

Police continue to terrorize our communities, using tear gas and militarized weapons on peaceful protestors to silence our voices. Without deep systemic change, we are bound to repeat this cycle again and again.

Families of loved ones whose lives have been stolen by murderous cops are demanding the federal government stop this assault upon Black bodies fueled by hate and systemic racism by linking all these murders together and acknowledging them as one assault called out that is motivated by hatred of people of color.

We demand the end of murder of Black Lives! Cases of all Black, brown, and Indigenous lives stolen by the police must be reopened and analyzed together. They must be viewed as a direct result of systemic racism.  

We cannot afford to have two judicial systems, everyone deserves equal justice under the law. Every case matters! Every case deserves justice!

Death in Custody Recording Act (DICRA), requires police to report on civilians deaths in custody, no matter the cause. Police departments routinely fail to comply with DICRA, and the DOJ in the past has refused to make DICRA data available to the public.

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We demand that the federal government hold law enforcement accountable for all lives stolen while in their custody or contact by take the following steps:

1. The opening and linking of all cases of deaths at the hands of police or in police custody;
2. Prosecuting murderous cops
3. Making DICRA data available to the public.