Sign the petition: Don’t let Trump raid Social Security contributions

Donald Trump

It was reported over the weekend that a GOP lobbyist close to Trump is promoting a plan to completely eliminate Social Security’s primary funding source.

This plan to eliminate payroll contributions without a firm plan to replace Social Security’s funding source would come as part of Trump’s larger “tax reform” proposal, which would be a massive handout to the rich and big corporations.

Demand Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington abandon their attempts to destroy Social Security. Sign the petition to protect Social Security’s funding today!

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For over 81 years, working people have paid into Social Security with the understanding that it would be there for them in retirement. If you eliminate Social Security’s payroll contributions, you jeopardize the future of Social Security―the most successful social insurance program in our country’s history. At a time of disappearing pensions and inadequate 401(k)s, Social Security’s modest benefits are needed now more than ever. We demand that you abandon your plans to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax. Instead of cutting Social Security, Congress should be protecting and expanding Social Security for current and future generations.