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There is currently a dangerous effort underway to hand our nation’s Air Traffic Control system to the airline industry. If we give up control of this vital public good, we leave hardworking Americans, travelers and our airspace vulnerable to the whims of a private corporation controlled by corporate airlines.

This is not a solution: it’s a fox guarding the henhouse. Our Air Traffic Control system is too important to risk, and the stakes are too high.

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Currently, some Republicans in Congress are promoting a plan to give away our Air Traffic Control system to the airline industry, setting the precedent for a concerted effort to slowly hand off every American asset to big business including our roads, bridges and public lands. Congress should instead protect public goods by keeping them in the hands of the public and those elected to represent us, not giving them away to an unaccountable private corporation without any benefit to millions of hardworking Americans.

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Over 100 million Americans were expected to travel this past holiday season, each relying on safe, accessible and reliable access to aviation, but that system is currently in jeopardy.

Led by Congressman Bill Shuster, who claims President-elect Donald Trump also favors privatization of Air Traffic Control, some congressional Republicans want to hand our nation's skies to the airline industry.

We already know the negative impacts of privatizing the Air Traffic Control system — record profits for corporations on the backs of American consumers, layoffs for workers and a loss of access for rural communities.

When given the option to privatize ATC last year, Congress instead voted overwhelmingly to pass a bipartisan bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration until September 2017. Yet despite widespread bipartisan opposition from aviation groups, progressive leaders, a number of unions, rural advocates and legislators from appropriators to tax writers, Congressman Shuster continues to push his misguided proposal and put corporate airline interests ahead of the public interest.

We must come together and tell Congress that we will not back down.

Sign the petition: Don't privatize the nation's airspace.

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