Sign the petition: Don’t take phone or Internet service away from poor people


As if recent GOP shenanigans weren’t enough, now Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are attacking access to technology for low-income Americans.

This week, Rep. Austin Scott introduced the “End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phone Act,” which targets Lifeline. The Lifeline program has provided telephone subsidies to low-income Americans since 1985, and in recent years expanded to include internet and cell service.

This bill would “restore” Lifeline’s services to solely focus on landline telephones, leaving low-income people without access any other technology. This is unacceptable. Cell phones and Internet service are crucial for all people to stay connected with friends and family and be part of the digital world.

Sign our petition now to tell Republicans in Congress not to take away Lifeline funding for phone and Internet programs for low-income Americans.

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I am outraged that Republicans in Congress are attacking access to technology for poor people. Please vote NO on the End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phone Act and keep funding Lifeline to provide Internet and cell phone service for low-income Americans.