Sign the petition: NO charges for disabled protesters of GOP Tax Scam

U.S. Senate

Representing the vast majority of Americans who oppose the GOP Tax Scam, a group of disabled people protested the Senate Budget Committee hearing on November 28.

“I am living with AIDS and cancer," said one. "If this bill is passed, people like me will die. Vote against this bill. Don’t kill us, kill the bill!”

They were promptly arrested by Capitol Police, with some even dragged out in their wheelchairs.

The GOP tax bill will cut taxes for large corporations & the mega-wealthy at the expense of the rest of us, while also stripping 13 million people of their health care. It is an outrage.

Sign the petition: Drop arrest charges for disabled protesters of the reprehensible GOP Tax Scam.

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Drop all arrest charges against the disabled protesters who spoke out on November 28.