Sign the petition: President Biden must take executive action to rein in secret money in politics

President Joe BIden

It’s time to curb the power of secret money in our politics. There are major steps that President Biden can take right now with a stroke of his pen, including executive action to require large federal contractors to disclose their secret political spending.

Americans of both parties overwhelmingly support getting big money out of politics, but our politicians have continuously failed to act–allowing secret, undisclosed campaign contributions to corrupt our politics and drown out our voices.

This is a particularly perilous time for our country’s democracy – as the same secret money groups that have “spent big” to shape the Supreme Court have also spent millions pushing Trump’s Big Lie and funding insurrectionists.

The big corporations that receive taxpayer dollars to provide essential services to the American people are also some of the biggest political spenders. They have likely funneled millions in secret money to sway our elections to ensure that their favorite candidates come out on top.

The top 10 federal contractors were paid more than $8,620 in taxpayer money for every disclosed dollar they spent on politics in 2020, so we can only wonder what is being spent in the secret money sphere.

Secret political spending may be impacting the allocation of federal contracts, which are used to provide us with essential services like repairing our roads and bridges. That’s why it’s critical we disclose this secret money spending so we can rest assured that our tax dollars go to the most qualified to do the job, rather than those that pay-to-play in our federal contracting process.

Americans deserve to know who is trying to influence them, and what they want from the government.

Sign the petition to President Biden: Issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose all of their political spending.

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As Senate Republicans stonewall action to rein in the power of corporate special interests, we urge you, President Biden, to take a meaningful step forward by issuing an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending.