Sign the Petition: Right-to-Work is WRONG for Workers!

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Senator Mitch McConnell & House Speaker Paul Ryan

On February 1st, 2017, the Republican led Congress introduced national "Right-To-Work" legislation.

This deceptive legislation is proven to lower wages for all workers across the state and strips unions of funding which makes it harder for unions to bargain effectively, creating a race to the bottom, and ultimately renders it impossible for the American Worker to earn a living wage.

Professional actors, like the steelworkers and teachers they portray on screen, have been protected by their union since 1933. And now, like all unions and workers protected by them, they are under a graver threat than ever before.

Stand with the members of ActorsPAC and fight for:

  • Protections for ALL Performers.
  • Living wages for ALL artists.
  • and against attacks on workers' rights and unions

Sign this petition and we will deliver this message on behalf of actors, performers, and all workers in the entertainment industry to Secretary Alexander Acosta, Senator Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

ActorsPAC believes that actors not only represent the American worker, they are the American worker with contributions of billions of dollars into our economy.  The goal of ActorsPAC is to find and support candidates for all offices who share the belief that workers’ rights are sacred and must be protected.

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To: Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Senator Mitch McConnell & House Speaker Paul Ryan
From: [Your Name]

We, the signers of this petition, implore you to reconsider Right to Work legislation which is an attack on unions and their ability to bargain on behalf of labor.

Right to Work laws may sound good but what they do isn’t. By discouraging workers from joining a union while still having the union bargain on behalf of everyone results in the resources of the union being depleted, causing them to eventually go under. This leaves the workers with no protections.

Right-To-Work has always been code for union busting. And now, we need unions more than ever. Unions are and have always been the ballast that fortifies the middle class. Without them, wages go down, families suffer and the middle class further erodes.

Remember: Weekends, Paid Vacation, Sick Leave, Social Security, 40 Hour Work Week, Pensions, Unemployment Insurance, Child Labor Laws, the eight Hour Work Day and so much more came about because workers bonded together and fought for them.

Right to Work has been proven to drive down wages for ALL workers, union and non union alike. Workers in RTW states earn more than 12% LESS than workers in states without these laws.

Since Health Insurance is on everyone's minds these days we should note that workers in RTW states are less likely to get health insurance through their job. Which means they are less likely to have health insurance of any kind.

It’s been shown that workplace fatalities are higher in state with Right to Work laws than states without.

And there are so many more reasons to support union and not laws that undermine them.

Instead, we ask that you reject “Right to Work” as policy and instead work on policy to make it easier for unions to organize and for workers to achieve better wages and working conditions at the bargaining tables with management.

Workers’ rights are not an act.