Sign the petition: Stand with Rep. Tlaib and start impeachment proceedings

House of Representatives


Representative Rashida Tlaib just introduced a resolution calling on the House Committee on the Judiciary to start an official impeachment investigation into the Trump administration.  

This is the first step toward impeachment. And Trump will not be exonerated.

Whether it's declaring a fake national emergency in order to commit an unconstitutional power grab, attempting to ban an entire religion from our country, separating and indefinitely detaining immigrant families, undermining our democracy to line his pockets or obstructing justice, it's clear that there are enough grounds for the House of Representatives to move forward with impeachment proceedings.

Trump has been using Attorney General William Barr's biased summary of the Mueller report to claim he's innocent. But even without the full report, there is more than enough evidence that Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

The House Committee on the Judiciary has a responsibility to open an investigation into whether President Trump and his businesses:

  • Violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause by accepting payments, regulatory approval, or other forms of direct and indirect financial benefits from foreign governments.

  • Corrupted our political process and defrauded the United States by directing Michael Cohen to make illegal payments to interfere and affect the 2016 presidential election.

  • Committed actions to obstruct the investigation led by the special counsel.

Every member of the House of Representative must stand with Rep. Tlaib as she takes bold moral action and back the resolution – but many won't act unless there is massive pressure to do so.

Only Congress has the constitutional authority to hold Trump accountable and defend our democracy.  It's time it stops outsourcing its power and opens an impeachment investigation into the Trump administration now.

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Stand up for our families, our constitution and our democracy. Support Rep. Rashida Tlaib's resolution calling on the House Committee on the Judiciary to start an impeachment investigation against Trump.