Sign the petition: Stop Congress from deregulating gun silencers


More than 50 people were killed (and more than 500 injured) at a mass shooting in Las Vegas, and what was Congress about to do? Pass an NRA-sponsored bill to deregulate gun silencers.

The Hearing Protection Act would eliminate restrictions on silencers and instead treat them as ordinary firearms. The House planned to hold a hearing on it back in June, but it was postponed after a member of Congress was shot in what could have been one more American gun massacre.

Four months later, they were going to move on this bill—until the Vegas shooting happened. Unless we let them know this is unacceptable, Congress will try again in a few months.

The crowd in Las Vegas fled at the sound of gunshots. If the shooter had been able to have a silencer, we would have seen far more than 58 deaths. This bill is unspeakably outrageous.

Congress might postpone the bill again, but make no mistake about it. The NRA-funded Republicans will probably try again in a few months. We must sink this bill, once and for all.

Sign the petition: Stop Congress from deregulating gun silencers.

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Right after one of the worst gun massacres in history, I am outraged that Congress wanted to deregulate silencers. How many more people would have been killed if the Las Vegas shooter had a silencer?