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The high cost of medical copays in prison puts imprisoned peoples’ health and lives at risk. Charging exorbitant fees may cause people to forgo treatment, which can lead to worsening health and higher medical costs down the road, as well as the possibility of spreading infections in the close quarters of prison.

Forty-two states plus the federal Bureau of Prisons charge a copay. Incarcerated workers earn mere cents per hour. The copays they're expected to pay would be the equivalent of a minimum wage worker paying hundreds of dollars.

Imprisoned peoples’ copays barely make a dent in state correctional facilities’ health care budgets. However, putting off medical visits due to unaffordable copays often results in hospital stays that cost facilities much more than the copays themselves.

While imprisoned people earn pennies on the dollar, they are forced to choose between healthcare and everyday necessities. Often times, inmates do not have outside sources who can refill commissary funds, and are left without healthcare access.

Sign the petition: End this inhumane budgetary oversight. Inmate copays put human lives at risk and must end.

As it becomes evident that these copays provide minimal financial benefit and maximum harm to imprisoned peoples’ health, states such as California and Illinois are wising up and dropping copays. We must assure that this is a national effort.

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We demand an end to inmate copays. These requirements not only deter access to healthcare, but they do not add up to cost savings. It is inhumane to promote a program that jeopardizes human lives.