Sign the petition: Tell Ben Carson to stop Trump's housing cuts!

Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD

We can’t let this stand. Donald Trump officially declared his war on the poor when his administration released its proposed budget calling for more than $7 billion in cuts to the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

These cuts will be an absolute disaster for our communities. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on essential housing programs like Section 8 and community development grants. Trump’s housing cuts will devastate these programs.

Defunding housing programs, while giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to Wall Street, is an insult to our poorest communities. It’s immoral and unjust. Instead of cutting funding to HUD, we need to fully fund it.

Sign the petition to Secretary of HUD Ben Carson demanding that he stop these cuts to HUD, and instead call for full funding of federal housing programs.

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To: Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD
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The Trump administration’s cuts of over $7 billion to federal housing programs is completely unjust. Hundreds of thousands of Americans rely on HUD programs to provide a roof over their heads.

Without funding for these programs, low-income communities will be left without resources for housing, leading to increased homelessness.

You must show the necessary leadership to stop these immoral cuts to housing and call for full funding of HUD. Stop Trump’s cuts to HUD and demand full funding for federal housing programs.