Sign the petition: Tell Big Plastic to Stop Undermining CA's Bag Ban

Stan Bikulege, Chairman and Chief Executive of Novolex


An out-of-state Big Plastic corporation has spent millions of dollars to confuse California voters and upend California’s 2014 law banning single-use plastic bags.

These disposable plastic bags entangle, suffocate, and poison hundreds of animal species worldwide, including sea turtles, birds, and marine mammals.

If California bans single-use plastic bags, it would set an important environmental precedent for the rest of the country.

But Novolex, the world's largest manufacturer of plastic bags, has demonstrated that it will spare no expense to ensure the demise of California’s bag ban.

After California adopted a statewide bag ban in 2014, Novolex spent huge sums to put the law on hold and force a new vote this November. Then it spent more money on dirty tricks to confuse voters. Their misleading messages have been like their plastic bags: Toxic trash.

Novolex wants to protect its profits, not California’s communities, rivers, and beaches.

Sign our petition calling on Novolex CEO Stan Bikulege to stop undermining California's plastic bag ban!

Supporting organizations: California League of Conservation Voters, Clean Water Action, Courage Campaign, Daily Kos, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Save Our Shores, Save the Bay
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To: Stan Bikulege, Chairman and Chief Executive of Novolex
From: [Your Name]

California residents are calling upon Novolex to end your profit-driven plan to overturn California’s plastic bag ban, and make a public statement about your change of course. 150 California cities have already declared their independence from plastic bags. In response to strong requests from California residents, environmental organizations, business associations, and community groups, our Governor and state legislators adopted SB 270 in 2014. Californians made their decision, and our state leaders acted on our behalf.

Novolex has refused to accept this reality, and has instead launched a misleading campaign to confuse voters and undermine our environmental protections. We refuse to be deceived.

It is time for you and other plastic bag manufacturers to adapt. You can start by calling off your campaign to defeat California’s bag ban. If you don’t, we’re going to eliminate plastic bags from California on our own. We will collect plastic bag waste and litter from all over the state, send it to your headquarters, and let you decide how to handle it.