Sign the Petition: Tell governors and mayors to “dump Trump”

All U.S. Governors and Mayors

Trump is trying to sell his infrastructure plan to the American people by parading governors and mayors around Washington for photo-ops.

The problem is that Trump’s infrastructure plan will create few new investments that rebuild our infrastructure. Taxpayers will mainly subsidize projects that were already going to be built. Therefore, it’s nothing more than a massive tax giveaway to Wall Street investors.

Sign the petition today telling the governors and mayors standing with Trump that if they want infrastructure and jobs, they should dump Trump. Instead they should support a federal investment in infrastructure that is paid for by the rich and big corporations who are not paying their fair share of taxes.

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To: All U.S. Governors and Mayors
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During the campaign, Donald Trump touted a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. But his financing model is nothing more than tax subsidies to deep-pocketed investors on Wall Street, and would result in the privatization of our roads and bridges. Small towns, rural areas and high-poverty urban centers would be ignored. Instead, Trump’s plan would build infrastructure projects in wealthy areas where users would pay high tolls and fees. Rather than support Trump’s phony infrastructure plan, you should dump Trump and support a real federal investment in infrastructure that creates millions of good-paying jobs in all communities and is paid for by the wealthy and big corporations.