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Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Snapchat

In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade--the 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States--user data has emerged as a new battlefield. America's biggest tech companies, including Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Snapchat, won't clarify whether they would provide law enforcement with data related to investigations involving those that seek or provide abortions.

Twenty-six states are certain or likely to ban abortion, with 13 already having implemented abortion "trigger laws," bans that have already taken effect or will within the next few weeks. Now that creates a new problem: law enforcement can arm themselves with massive amounts of data to criminally prosecute those seeking or providing abortion.

When confronted with questions about providing data to police regarding abortion, only Snapchat replied that "the company evaluates how it responds to law enforcement requests, and will continue to do so while balancing privacy and remaining consistent with the law."

Previous reports have shown how easy it has become for anyone to purchase data related to abortion clinic visits. A Motherboard investigation found that "purchasers could include anti-abortion vigilantes, who have historically shown a willingness to exploit data to target and harass those seeking or providing abortions."

Although lawmakers have made an effort to ban the sale of location and health data outside of some limited circumstances, it doesn't affect law enforcement's access to that data.

"In their privacy policies, the vast majority of companies say they will, unsurprisingly, provide law enforcement with access to user data in response to a valid order," reported Motherboard. They also point out that "tech companies can, and do, also make technical decisions on what data is available to law enforcement in virtue of how they design their products or systems. Signal, for example, is unable to provide the content of users' communications even in response to legal requests for data because Signal as an organization simply does not have access to that information."

Tech companies must take a stand against the use of personal data information to persecute those seeking or providing abortion access, a right Americans have lived with for nearly 50 years.

Sign the petition to Big Tech companies: Don’t give law enforcement abortion data!

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Big Tech companies can make technical decisions about what data they make available to law enforcement. Companies must not allow police to use personal data information to persecute those seeking or providing abortion access. Make a public stand by announcing you will not provide law enforcement with abortion data.