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In 1966, faced with rapidly rising motor vehicle-related injuries and deaths on our roads, the National Highway Safety Bureau (NHSB) was created to promote and implement safety technology and practices, such as seat belt use, as well as to support research into causes and contributing factors.

This approach has been credited with reducing motor vehicle mortality by two-thirds over the subsequent thirty years. Now, we must direct this strategy towards one of the deadliest threats we face today, preventing deaths at the hands of gun violence.

Gun violence is a major PUBLIC HEALTH EPIDEMIC, one that is killing 40,000+ people a year. In the wake of shooting after shooting, we've got to figure out the root causes and how to prevent the next tragedy before it happens.  

The National Bureau for Gun Safety (NBGS)'s mission would be to lead and coordinate a multidisciplinary, multifaceted campaign to reduce gun deaths based on proven public-health practice. NBGS would also:

  • Be run by experts in public health, medicine, engineering, communications and law enforcement;
  • Be transparent and nonpartisan;
  • Take the lead in setting the nation's research agenda and developing, testing and implementing safety technologies;
  • Set out legislative priorities for saving lives;
  • Oversee campaigns to encourage behaviors likely to reduce gun injuries and;
  • Direct priorities for enforcing gun laws, in concert with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.
The U.S. saw the highest number of mass killings on record in 2019. We must be allowed to understand why and how we can prevent this!

Sign the petition: Congress must establish the NBGS and reduce gun deaths in the U.S.

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Blue Future
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Newtown Action Alliance
The Zero Hour

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Congress must implement a much broader initiative to collectively address all of the different forms of gun violence using a comprehensive public health approach. We urge you to establish a National Bureau for Gun Safety.