Sign the petition to Congress: Repeal the GOP Tax Scam


Congress passed—and Donald Trump signed—the GOP Tax Scam in December, and it's already proven to be a disaster.

Harley-Davidson is shutting down a Missouri plant (leaving 800 employees out of work), due to tax law changes made by the GOP Tax Scam. An Oklahoma energy company likewise just laid off 400 employees.

Rather than jolt the economy as promised, the tax scam is hurting American jobs.

And declining tax revenues from the new legislation means that Congress will have to take action sooner than expected to avoid another government shutdown.

It's a mess, and for the good of the country Congress must undo the huge mistake.

Sign the petition to Congress: Repeal the GOP Tax Scam.

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Factories laying off American workers, and more government instability? Fine mess you got us in. Repeal the tax bill that passed in December.