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The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), an industry trade association, has been manipulating our Congressional budget process for almost a year to stop our national parks from increasing access to the tap and becoming bottled-water-free.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people like you called on their Members of Congress to protect our parks from this egregious interference —and it worked!

But the industry’s lobby is at it again this year and managed to plant language into the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill that would pad the profits of the bottled water industry at the expense of our parks and the environment.

We can’t let this happen. More and more national parks are becoming bottled-water-free, reducing our ecological footprint in these natural treasures. And when parks promote the tap instead of bottled water, it sends a message: Bottled water is anything but green and, like our parks, our drinking water is not for sale.

By becoming bottled-water-free, our national parks are leading by example, protecting the environment and the human right to water. We must stop the bottled water industry’s latest aggressive attempt to curb this growing movement.

Join Corporate Accountability International, Courage Campaign, Daily Kos, League of Conservation Voters, and Story of Stuff in calling on Congress. Please sign this petition.

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Bottled water has devastating environmental impacts, from the petroleum-based bottle production to the billions of bottles that wind up as landfill or litter each year. And in our precious national parks, plastic water bottles are a huge source of waste – for example, Zion National Park removed approximately 5,000 pounds of trash from its waste stream annually by going bottled water free. That is why national parks are taking a stand and implementing this important policy.

Pledge to support our national parks’ efforts to buck the bottle and prevent bottled water industry attempts to sabotage this common sense sustainability policy.