Sign the petition to Fox News: Fire Sean Hannity for blatant conflict-of-interest

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Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was just ordered by a judge to disclose his third unnamed client. And now we know that it was none other than Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

For months, Hannity has steadfastly defended Trump and attacked the Russia investigation—and even interviewed Cohen on his TV show.

When the FBI raided Cohen's office on April 9, Hannity's on-air reaction was: "Mueller's witch-hunt investigation is now a runaway train that is clearly careening off the tracks."

Hannity never once disclosed on air that he had an attorney-client relationship with Cohen.

We realize that Fox News is a right-wing propaganda outlet, but it still pretends to be "fair and balanced" journalism—which gets a license from the FCC to broadcast on TV.

Sign the petition to Fox News: Fire Sean Hannity for his blatant conflict-of-interest.

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Sean Hannity has violated every journalistic norm, by interviewing a lawyer on television without disclosing that he is his client. If you have any pretense of being a legitimate news outlet that receives a license from the FCC, you must fire Sean Hannity.