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Fake abortion clinics—also commonly referred to as crisis pregnancy centers or CPCs—are everywhere in the United States. When Roe v. Wade was overturned, these fear-mongering organizations got even more dangerous.

CPCs look like real health centers, but when a pregnant person seeking abortion services steps inside, they are met with shame, intimidation, and outrageous lies. “Patients” are sometimes shown an ultrasound of a fetus or told they can reverse an abortion, which is untrue. The entire point of a CPC is to convince someone not to have an abortion by any means necessary.

In an attempt to confuse someone seeking abortion care as much as possible, CPCs often buy property near existing abortion clinics. They also show up on internet searches when someone searches for abortion.

Even before Roe was overturned, this was a problem. Now, it’s much more dire: researching local abortion clinics is crucial, especially if the patient needs to travel across state lines to access care.

Customer review platform Yelp just raised the bar for how any site or search engine tool should handle CPCs. They are adding consumer notices to CPC listings that alert users that the centers “provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.”

Ideally, CPCs wouldn’t be listed online at all, but this is a way to mitigate risk as much as possible. It’s imperative that search engine giant Google follows Yelp’s lead and adds disclaimers to CPC listings—not just to ads CPCs purchased, but to any result.

Sign the petition to Google: Add disclaimers to any and all listings for fake abortion clinics.

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No one searching for abortion services should be met with listings for fake abortion clinics that will attempt to shame and scare them out of seeking abortion care. Follow Yelp’s lead and add consumer notices to all listings for crisis pregnancy centers, not just ads.