Sign the petition to the Senate: No SCOTUS confirmation until we have coronavirus relief and the pandemic is under control

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While Republican Senators continue their attempts to shamelessly shove a Supreme Court Justice nomination through as quickly as they can, Americans keep getting sick and dying from COVID-19. With over 216,000 deaths and 7.8 million contracted, it has now been months since the Senate passed any COVID-19 relief.

We need to get the pandemic under control. People are still out of work, getting sick, and are struggling to make ends meet. And for months, the Senate has recklessly and irresponsibly stalled on passing another COVID-19 package.

The American people have spoken as well -- an overwhelming majority, 74% of Americans, want the Senate to stop with the SCOTUS sham and focus on the pandemic that is taking jobs, homes, and LIVES!

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 on Capitol Hill and in the White House additionally highlights the urgency of getting the pandemic under control. The Senate must prioritize the health of the senators, their staff, and all those who work to keep the buildings safe, clean, and operational.

The actions of Senate Republicans are wrong. If the Senate must do anything right now, it must pass legislation to address the devastating effects of this pandemic, not rushing through a nominee who would take health care access away from us.

We must demand the Senate immediately concentrate on the coronavirus pandemic instead of confirming a SCOTUS nominee.

Sign the petition: Demand the Senate focus on coronavirus relief and the pandemic immediately!

Participating Organizations:
Alliance for Retired Americans
Beyond the Bomb
Climate Hawks Vote
Consumers United for Fairness
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Endangered Species Coalition
Friends of the Earth Action
The Juggernaut Project
Progress America
Seeding Sovereignty

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The skewed focus of the Senate is jeopardizing the health of Americans in the middle of a global pandemic. An overwhelming majority, 74%​ of Americans, want the Senate to stop the SCOTUS confirmation and focus on the pandemic that is taking jobs, homes, and lives! The overwhelming majority is who voted you in to protect and work for us. Stop focusing on advancing political agendas through a SCOTUS nomination and focus on the health of our nation immediately!