Sign The Petition: Treat White Supremacism as the Biggest Terrorist Threat.

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Recent mass violence committed by white supremacists targeting specific groups, most recently in El Paso, where the shooter said he was targeting immigrants. Americans citizens and our elected officials need to know and to understand that white supremacism plagued this nation since its inception. It is time we end its existence in our society. We can start by treating white supremacism as terrorism.

FBI Director Christopher Wray says most domestic terrorism arrests this year involve white supremacism. Wray previously said white supremacy poses a significant and pervasive threat to the United States. Here's an article with more info.  FBI Director Says White Supremacy is a Threat

US Senator Elizabeth Warren agrees that white supremacism is a threat, saying it must be classified as domestic terrorism and treated as such. Here's the article: White Supremacy is Domestic Terrorism

Donald Trump continues spewing racist rhetoric which emboldens white supremacist domestic terrorists. We will stop white supremacism dead in its tracks. Bernie Sanders spoke numerous times calling trump a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe and Transphobe. We at Progressive Rising team know Trump to be our nation's highest ranking bigot.  Sanders Calls Out Trump's Lies and Racism

Federal law enforcement and elected officials must treat white supremacism as the domestic terrorist threat it has always been.

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White supremacy is the biggest terrorist threat in the nation. White supremacism has plagued this nation since its inception, and its time we end its existence in our society. We can start by treating white supremacism as terrorism. We must prioritize resources towards investigations & prosecutions, to address the threat that it is. We also need gun law reform ensuring these types of people do NOT have access to harmful and deadly assault weapons.