Sign the petition: Urge Albertsons to eliminate single-use plastics in their stores


Plastic pollution is hurting our economy and our environment. And, much of the plastic in the United States is produced using natural gas, which provides further incentive for continued drilling and fracking. It's critical that we work to reduce our dependence on disposable, single-use plastic.

Businesses, local governments, and entire nations have taken actions to ban, limit, or place fees on single-use plastics. Recently, Kroger, the nation's largest grocery chain, committed to phase out all single-use plastic bags.

We need Albertsons, the second largest chain and owner of stores such as Safeway, Shaws, and ACME, to do the same. Kroger has reported they use 6 billion bags per year. If we could get Albertsons to take similar action, based on the sales comparison of the two companies, we would eliminate another approximately 3 billion bags per year.

Sign the petition: Urge Albertsons to eliminate single-use plastics in every one of their stores.

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Disposable plastics, such as shopping bags, are suffocating our oceans, wildlife, and environment. These items are made to last forever, but are used only once. This is creating a crisis where 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced annually ends up in our oceans, far less than is ever recycled.

Recently, Kroger - one of your largest competitors - pledged to eliminate plastic bags as a part of their company-wide zero-waste initiative. We're calling on you now to do the same and lead other stores throughout the nation by example.