Sign the Petition: We Need Sustainable Rubber Now

Executives of companies using rubber

The rubber in everyday products, from your shoes to sports equipment to the tires on your car, is causing massive deforestation. It’s taking local people’s homes, destroying the habitats of endangered animals from gibbons to elephants, and making climate change even worse.

But sustainable rubber production practices can change all this – if companies adopt them. Join us in urging the executives of companies that produce goods with rubber to step up and start using sustainable rubber!

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The expansion of natural rubber production is one of the primary threats to the environment across parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Industrial rubber plantations are often set up in ways that destroy forests, violate human rights, and endanger wildlife. But your industry has the opportunity to change all that by shifting to sustainable natural rubber in your products.

There has never been a more important time to act. Together, we can protect our climate, vital ecosystems, and human rights by embracing sustainable, environmentally friendly rubber production practices.