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U.S. Democratic Senators

Our bedrock environmental laws are under attack like never before. Donald Trump is urging Congress to slash them to the bone. Meanwhile, Scott Pruitt is trying to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency from the inside out.

Pruitt plans to trash the Clean Power Plan. Trump has signed an order to undo the Clean Water Rule. And they’re aiming to cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s hardworking staff to impossibly low levels.

At the same time, Republicans in Congress are trying to slash our environmental protections. They want to gut programs that protect our air, water and climate.

Sign the petition: Tell Senate Democrats to stop the attacks on our environmental protections!

The funding for our entire government is set to expire on December 8. Trump and the GOP see this as an opportunity to gut critical programs supporting poor people, public health, and our environment. Trump wants to see the Environmental Protection Agency cut by as much as 30 percent.

They're using the expiration of government funding to demand concessions, potentially on everything from Planned Parenthood, the border wall, and basic programs within the EPA.

With so much at stake in the budget fight, Senate Democrats could negotiate away our environmental protections. But we need to send the message that our planet isn’t a bargaining chip. If every Senate Democrat stands together, they can still stop this attack on our environment and public health. But unless they know the public cares about this issue, our protections could be bargained away as part of a larger deal. We need your help to stop that from happening.

Sign the petition: Tell Senate Democrats to stop the attacks on our environmental protections!

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Dear Senator:

Our bedrock environmental protections are facing an unprecedented threat. Crucial programs safeguarding our air, water and climate have been starved for decades—and now President Trump and Administrator Pruitt are pushing a draconian 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency overall. This is a dream agenda for climate deniers and fossil fuel interests.

As negotiations continue towards a year-end spending deal, we implore you to defend our environmental protections from this out-of-touch agenda. It is still impossible for funding legislation to become law without support from you and your caucus. We demand that you publicly announce that you will filibuster any legislation that cuts the Environmental Protection Agency below its current funding level. People and the planet cannot afford another dollar of cuts.