Sign today: Preserve Methane Pollution Standards that Protect Children

U.S. Congress

Climate change impacts every facet of American life — from public health to extreme weather to national security.

Sign the petition to tell Congress to continue the fight against climate change and preserve methane pollution standards!

With Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan by his side, Trump is launching an all-out war on the policies and plans that protect our environment and our health, dismantling the remarkable progress we’ve made over the last eight years.

With anti-environmental extremists controlling the House, Senate, and the White House, fighting for climate action will be an uphill battle. President-elect Trump has made it clear that he will put the interests of big polluters and dirty energy insiders above the health and safety of the American people. It’s time to fight back.

Stand with Earth Justice and sign the petition now telling Congress we are fighting back! We must preserve methane pollution standards.

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As our elected officials, it is your responsibility to listen to the wishes of the American people. Please know that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree that we need strong leadership to act on climate change, and we need it now.

We need you to stop President Elect Trump from dismantling critical climate protections like the standards to reduce methane emissions and other toxic pollution. Now is not the time to side with polluters and dirty energy insiders.

We must preserve methane pollution standards!