Sign Your Name To Protect Colorado's Rivers

Governor Hickenlooper


Colorado is the 4th fastest growing state in the nation, forcing the balance between our demand and supply of water even more out of sync. Coloradans deserve clean, safe, and reliable drinking water, to make that a reality, our water needs to be managed to last through good years and bad. Fortunately, Colorado's first-ever water plan will do just that, but a plan is ONLY as good as the implementation behind it.

The 30,000+ comments submitted about the Plan in 2015 made it clear: healthy rivers are the lifeblood of our outdoor lifestyle, of our economy – of our communities. That's why we love Colorado. That’s why the Plan unites us. That’s why we take action.

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To: Governor Hickenlooper
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Dear Governor,

The finalization of Colorado’s first-ever state water plan was a momentous occasion for our state in 2015. I urge you to continue efforts to implement and fund Colorado’s Water Plan.

Colorado’s families need clean, safe and reliable drinking water. The state’s population is going to double by 2050, and our current water usage and supply cannot support that growth. Taking action now will preserve Colorado’s rivers to have enough water to support the communities and wildlife that depend on them.