Sign now: Ensure a fair process for Social Security claims

All Members of Congress

This week, Trump signed an executive order which is designed to strip independence from the Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) who review disability claims. This action comes after a lengthy misinformation campaign targeting Social Security’s disability program, including making the outrageous claim that it is not a  “core” part of Social Security.

The truth is, we have one Social Security system, and we need to protect it from political interference. This order will only ratchet up pressure to deny disability claims. By putting a Trump appointee over the shoulder of every decision, they seek to deny the due process to which every Social Security claimant is entitled.

There is already a million-person backlog of claims for Social Security disability insurance. While Senator Bernie Sanders’ new SSA Fairness Act would fully fund the Social Security Administration to clear that backlog fairly and efficiently, Trump’s answer seems to be to hire judges who share his political agenda and will deny all of the claims.

An attack on one part of our Social Security system is the first step in an attack on all of it. Add your name to fight back!

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We call on you to immediately pass legislation to preserve judicial independence and protect Social Security’s Administrative Law Judges from Donald Trump’s new Executive Order.