Stand in Solidarity with AFL-CIO Staff Represented by OPEIU Local 2

AFL-CIO Management


AFL-CIO staff members represented by OPEIU Local 2 rejected an anti-union contract that AFL-CIO management has imposed. This contract includes rolling furloughs at management discretion, guts seniority and lay-off protections, and imposes an uncompensated increase in hours.

This contract does not respect the hard work of our OPEIU brothers and sisters. These are the kinds of proposals we expect to see from anti-union businesses, not from the management of the AFL-CIO.

Stand in solidarity with the AFL-CIO bargaining unit of OPEIU Local 2, and demand that management return to bargaining in good faith to reach a contract that represents our collective values as members of the union movement.

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To: AFL-CIO Management
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We, the undersigned, ask AFL-CIO management to return to bargaining with OPEIU Local 2 in good faith. As a labor movement, we value a fair return on our work, a respectful work environment, and dignity on the job. These core values should be the foundation of a contract with OPEIU Local 2.

Affiliate needs and the political environment are always in flux, and we understand that the greater union movement, collectively, is experiencing challenging times. It has always been the AFL-CIO’s duty to be responsive to these needs, but we believe this can be done without compromising our values.

Return to bargaining with OPEIU Local 2 to reach a contract that represents the collective values of the labor movement.