Stand with AZ Workers: Tell ASARCO to return to the bargaining table!


We know that good jobs with fair wages make our communities stronger, our local economies more prosperous and our children’s futures brighter. That’s why we’re asking you to support striking ASARCO miners fighting against the corporate greed threatening Arizona’s working families.

Miners and the labor movement have held the picket line for over 100 days because their employer, ASARCO, proposed a contract with no wage increases for the majority of workers, frozen pension plans and more than twice the cost in health care deductibles they were previously paying.

Sign this petition to tell ASARCO that Arizona stands with workers and won’t back down until they come back to the table and negotiate in good faith.

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I stand with striking ASARCO workers! Our community depends on good jobs, fair wages and quality health coverage. We won't stand down until ASARCO comes to the table and negotiates in good faith with the workers that generate all its profits.