Stand with Fellow Customer Service Workers at MAXIMUS

Maximus CEO, Bruce Caswell


Federally contracted customer service professionals at MAXIMUS are organizing with CWA to form a union! MAXIMUS employs about 10,000 non-union customer service agents at eleven call centers it operates under a contract with the federal government to respond to inquiries about Medicare and the federal Affordable Care Act exchange.

MAXIMUS pays its customer service professionals at these call centers as little as $10.60 an hour despite the critical service they provide. So, MAXIMUS workers are uniting to fight for the better pay, working conditions, and respect they deserve!

MAXIMUS has responded with a campaign of fear and intimidation aimed at scaring workers from joining together for a voice at work.

Sign our petition to let MAXIMUS know that CWA customer service members stand united in solidarity with our fellow customer service workers at MAXIMUS in their fight for good jobs and a union!

To: Maximus CEO, Bruce Caswell
From: [Your Name]

We call on Maximus to pay its customer service professionals at its federally-contracted CMS call centers the proper, family-supporting wages they deserve and recognize their right to organize a union.

We as community members and taxpayers, who foot the bill of the federal contracts that Maximus profits from, demand that federal contractors respect their workers and refrain from interfering with their right to organize in the workplace. We also demand that Maximus stop misclassifying and underpaying its call center workers.