Stand With UIUC Non-Tenure Faculty

Board of Trustees, President Killeen, and Interim Chancellor Wilson


UPDATE: NTFC Local 6546 has called a strike beginning 8am 4/19.

We, the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local #6546, are teaching, clinical and research faculty at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The UIUC Administration hires nearly 500 of us on 9 month contracts. Most of us don't know at the end of each year if we have a job the next. We're fighting for multi-year contracts, but the Administration doesn't want that for us and our students.

We have been bargaining for our first contract for almost two years. The quality of higher education in Illinois is at stake, yet the UIUC Administration refuses to negotiate contract provisions that will show investment in the future for faculty and students. Job security, professional development and academic freedom for non-tenure faculty make a better university for everyone.  We are prepared to strike in order to win our contract and fight for higher education in Illinois.

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To: Board of Trustees, President Killeen, and Interim Chancellor Wilson
From: [Your Name]

I stand firmly in solidarity with the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local #6546 and fully support their efforts to secure a fair and equitable contract. In fighting for this contract, they are laying the groundwork for a brighter future for our entire community.

The administration’s refusal to negotiate items like multi-year contracts does not reflect the values we hold as a community. It threatens the stability and high-quality teaching that our students, faculty and community as a whole expect and deserve.

We question the administration’s willingness to resolve these issues, and we hereby call on
the leadership of the University of Illinois to immediately in negotiations with NTFC Local #6546 to resolve these issues and sign a fair contract now!