#StandDownSam: hate is not commentary

Channel Nine

Sam Newman is heading back to our screens.

Channel Nine has given one of Australia’s most prominent racists an unrivalled, paid platform to broadcast his hateful, racist views.

In pursuit of ratings and profit during a shortened footy season, Channel Nine is banking on racism to make back their advertising bucks. And by doing so, Channel Nine has made itself complicit in fuelling hatred and violence.

Newman’s hate speech normalises bigotry and emboldens those who seek to do harm to Black people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Muslim people, and others.

We need your help to show Channel Nine this is the wrong decision. It needs to take responsibility for its role in the spread of hatred, violence, and bigotry.

Hate isn't commentary, and its definitely not footy.

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Sam Newman has a long history of reinforcing racist stereotypes, seriously harming communities of colour.

And we know that hate speech comes at a dangerous price – inflaming and radicalising those who seek to do violence to others. Newman's words embolden far right extremists.

Channel Nine must not profit from racism, remove Newman.