Cyril Ramaphosa, President – South Africa


The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting has exposed how unscrupulous companies are breeding TIGER CUBS FOR CUDDLING…who are then KILLED FOR KICKS.

Imberba Rakia breeds lions, leopards and tigers on a remote farm in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. Unwitting tourists travel to cuddle the cubs and bottle-feed them.


It is just one of 60 such tiger ‘factory farms’ in South Africa. There are a staggering 300 of these farms breeding lions for trophy hunters to shoot for “fun”.

They are killed in fenced enclosures – they have NO CHANCE of escape.

Many of the bones are then sold to dealers who make lion and tiger ‘wine’ for rich Asian clients.

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting went to the CITES international wildlife conference in Geneva. We handed in a letter signed by over 50 Members of the European Parliament and DOZENS of leading conservationists. The letter called on CITES to BAN this sick trade.

Now we are launching this mass petition to the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa.

It is time to BAN this wicked trade and CLOSE the Big Cat Factory Farms NOW!

Please sign and share this petition – and help save endangered big cats TODAY!

To: Cyril Ramaphosa, President – South Africa
From: [Your Name]

I call on you to CLOSE South Africa’s Big Cat Factory Farms.

Breeding lion and tiger cubs to be cuddled for cash and killed for kicks is IMMORAL.
It is a stain on South Africa’s standing in the world.

It is time to end the big cat bone trade and to ban trophy hunting.

Until South Africa acts to abolish this abomination, I will be boycotting your country and its products and I will be calling on my fellow citizens to do likewise.

Please act TODAY – for the good of wildlife, and for the good of South Africa’s reputation.