Stop Cambo Pledge

Boris Johnson and the UK Government

A decision on the Cambo oil field is imminent. Despite Shell abandoning its 30% stake in Cambo, the UK government is still deciding on whether or not to approve the project. Pledge to stand with us to Stop Cambo and all take immediate action once a decision is made.

If we want a liveable climate, we can’t allow any new oil and gas extraction. It’s that simple: to meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement, there can be no new investment in oil, gas, or coal.

Approving Cambo would open the way for North Sea oil and gas companies with plans to extract at least another 1.7 billion barrels of oil from new fields before 2050. And it would send the worst possible signal to other governments around the world.  We must Stop Cambo.

Are you willing to join us in taking rapid response action when the UK government makes a decision on Cambo?

We need people everywhere taking action loudly and collectively as soon as any decision is announced. Sign up and we'll provide all the info, support and resource you need to prepare you and your group to take powerful action to Stop Cambo.

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To: Boris Johnson and the UK Government
From: [Your Name]

You must reject the Cambo oil field immediately.

If you do not, I pledge to take action with others to Stop Cambo and any new oil, coal and gas projects in the UK.