Stop Congress’ Internet slow lane bill


Remember the work we did last year to prevent telecoms from building an Internet slow lane?[1][2]

A new bill[3] could sabotage our historic net neutrality win, which would put your favorite websites in a slow lane behind media giants that are able to pay big bucks.

And the kicker? Your Internet bill may even go up. The bill will strip away the FCC’s customer protection powers to advocate on behalf of you.

If we don’t speak up now, we’ll be left with companies price-gouging us for a two-tiered Internet service! Speak out now and demand the Senate reject this bill before it’s too late.

Join OpenMedia and Daily Kos to tell the Senate: Reject Internet slow lanes

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Attn: Senators -- don’t pass a bill that will sabotage net neutrality.

If you pass HR.2666, it will take away the FCC’s ability to keep Big Telecom in check. It’s a sneaky attempt to undo all the work the pro-Internet community did last year to keep the web open. Continue to fight for us, and for the Internet – please don’t give telecom giants the power to pick and choose winners online.

Please keep the power of the web in the hands of the public, rather than the entrenched, powerful interests of large telecom conglomerates.

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[2] FCC Releases Open Internet Order: FCC
[3] Lock wallets! Oppose H.R.2666, No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access: Daily Kos