Stop the Eviction of the Foy-Marti Family

Omran family/Abana Coffee Plantation Business Partners

ABANA COFFEE EVICTING TENANTS: Please sign petition to call off this eviction

The Foy-Marti's have lived in their home for over 20 years. Their landlords, Tatiana Omran and her family, are evicting them. The Omrans own Abana Coffee Plantation (in Ethiopia) and Portal Ave Coffee (in San Francisco).  The Omran family - Peter, Tanya, Christopher, Michael, and Tatiana Omran - claim to run a “socially responsible” business in Ethiopia.

The Omrans own multiple properties in San Francisco, which they have either rented out or used as corporate short-term rentals (via Zeus) since first trying to evict this family. All of these properties offer housing opportunities for the daughter, Tatiana, without the need for evictions – in addition to the thousands of vacant units currently available in the City.

You can read more about the eviction here: SF Chronicle , El Tecolote, and KTVU Channel 2

We are asking the community for support: respectfully ask the Omran family to end this unethical and unnecessary eviction of this family with a child.


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To: Omran family/Abana Coffee Plantation Business Partners
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​Dear Omran family/Abana Coffee Plantation partners,

We know that you strive to be a socially-responsible business as owners of the Abana Coffee Plantation in Ethiopia.

At the same time, you are engaging in unethical practices here at home by attempting to evict a San Francisco family. The Foy-Marti's have lived in their beloved apartment for over 20 years. They are cherished members of our community and have worked on social justice issues for decades. Their son was born in that house. San Francisco is their home.

We understand that there are many housing opportunities for Tatiana Omran, both within the family’s various properties and in the many vacant units currently available in San Francisco, that would not involve evicting a family with a 7th grade child.

We ask you to call off this unethical eviction, and do the right thing.


Community Supporting the Foy-Marti Family