Stop Giving Our Money Away to Petrochemicals and Fracking!

State Representative Anita Kulik

State legislators are moving quickly to sneak subsidies for the petrochemical industry into a bill and quickly pass it before anyone notices. Potentially billions of dollars in subsidies would be earmarked for more projects like the Shell "cracker plant" under construction in Beaver County, which is a plastics factory that if operation will dramatically hurt the air and water quality of our region and contribute to increase lung cancer and other diseases. Louisiana has a petrochemical industry in a small town near New Orleans, and it is known nationwide as "cancer alley" because of the greatly increased risk of cancer and other diseases for workers and anyone that lives nearby.

State legislators must say NO -- we don't want a cancer alley here in Pennsylvania, or anywhere! It's time to invest those billions of dollars into green infrastructure and renewable energy, not fossil fuel projects.

You can read more about this bill and the petrochemical industry in general at:

Petition by
Garret Wassermann
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

To: State Representative Anita Kulik
From: [Your Name]

News broke over the weekend that state legislators and Governor Wolf are preparing to amend HB 732 in order to give potentially billions of dollars in subsidies to the fracking and petrochemical industries. The amendment supposedly will include all of the worst of provisions of HB 1100, including billions of dollars to an industry that poisons our children and ruins our planet and ties our state budget to fracking for decades to come, in defiance of the carbon reductions climate scientists tell us need to happen within less than ten years.

I was disappointed & angry that you voted for the previous HB 1100 petrochemical subsidy bill, but thankfully it was vetoed by the governor before it could do damage to our health and our planet.

Now's your opportunity to make amends for that vote by actually representing the people of this region instead of fossil fuel corporations.

Please oppose HB 732 or any other attempt at petrochemical subsidies. We don't want or need poisonous petrochemical industry here. What we need is a Green New Deal that would create thousands of good green infrastructure and renewable energy jobs that would rebuild our economy while also protecting our health and planet.