Stop Global Partners toxic air pollution in South Portland

Assistant Attorney General, Environmental and Natural Resources Division

Global Partners, which owns 10 oil tanks in South Portland, was charged with violating air emissions for the last decade. Neighbors are concerned that these toxic emissions have had negative impacts on our health.

We need to make sure Global Partners is held accountable. We need Global Partner to pay for upgrades to stop polluting our communities and now, we need to extend the public comment period so our community’s voice is heard.  

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To: Assistant Attorney General, Environmental and Natural Resources Division
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned are deeply troubled that Global Partners who own 10 petroleum storage tanks in South Portland were found to be in violation of the Clean Air Act. Global Partners has been releasing excessive amounts of toxic emissions into our neighborhoods. We find the agreement, known as a Consent Decree, made between the EPA and Global Partners to be egregiously lacking in provisions to improve the air quality in South Portland.

Those who live near Global’s tanks have suffered from ongoing headaches, noxious smells and the inability to be able to open their windows at night. They are seriously worried about the health effects to themselves and their children. The air quality of the entire city and surrounding area is being affected negatively.

We insist that there be an extension to the 30-day comment period and that the following upgrades be paid for by Global and put into the Consent Decree:

*Install a closed system for the transfer of substances to reduce toxic bursts
*Install mist eliminators
*Install an ongoing air monitoring system which would be monitored by a city environmental compliance officer—paid for by Global and put in place in six months