Stop Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney’s Scheme to Cut Social Security and Medicare

U.S. Congress

Today Senator Mitch McConnell is one step closer to cutting our Social Security and Medicare.

He convinced President Trump to include the TRUST Act in the coronavirus relief package.

This is awful. The TRUST Act creates a commission to go behind closed doors and come up with a plan to cut Social Security and Medicare.

And even worse -- those cuts would be fast tracked in Congress.

Americans need help to get through the COVID-19 crisis -- but cuts to Social Security and Medicare will make things far worse.

Please sign and tell Congress NO CUTS!

To: U.S. Congress
From: [Your Name]

The American people need relief during the coronavirus crisis.

We do not need or want cuts to the Social Security and Medicare we’ve earned through a lifetime of hard work.

Including the TRUST Act (H.R. 4907/S.2733) in a COVID-19 relief package is a direct threat to our retirement security.

Using a pandemic as an excuse to fast track cuts designed behind closed doors is outrageous.

We call on you to oppose this bill and focus on the real problems facing Americans during this crisis.