Stop Pro-Life Hate Speech

The Pro-Life Movement

On November 27, a terrorist killed three people in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood health center and then told the police, "No more baby parts." Deceptive sting videos against abortion have been using this language for months, and Congress has conducted hearings and set up a special committee to further demonize abortion. This isn't new, and anti-abortion terrorism isn't new either. The National Abortion Federation reports 6,948 violent acts against abortion clinics and providers between 1977 and 2014.

1 in 3 women will have abortions, and they are doing nothing wrong. Abortion is basic healthcare and a basic right, period. Women need to be able to control whether and when to have children in order to have dignity and be equal, period.

Enough is enough. Let’s demand an end to abortion terrorism and harassment, and the hate speech and lies fueling them.

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Condemning anti-abortion violence and harassment isn't enough; the pro-life movement needs to cut out the hate speech that fans the flames of violence. We demand the pro-life movement stop the hate speech, stop lying about reproductive health care providers, and call upon the new special committee in Congress to investigate anti-abortion terrorism.